Director’s Message

Today, globally one can observe a shift in education systems. Traditional education programs are viewed as one of the reason for inflating unemployment. Unemployment is a serious issue for developed as well as developing nations. In India, lakhs of students are graduating every year. After completion of their graduation, students seek jobs preferably in Government sector and then private organizations.

As per statistics, only 15 % of graduated students are successful in getting appropriate job, remaining 85% jobseekers compromise their career with unacceptable salary. Most of them opt for competitive examination preparation to get entry in Government services, but it has cut-throat competition with 0.02% success rate. We have observed that lakhs of students have wasted their time, energy and money in preparation up-to nine years but still unsuccessful in cracking the examination. This is a serious issue for concern where our youth are wasting their valuable time, energy and money.

In this scenario, we need an education program which address current need of our students. Education program should make student confident and competent so that after graduating from such program they should get appropriate job or start their own venture to become Entrepreneur.

In our efforts at IMSR Nagpur, we are devising educational programs which are currently in demand and offers bright career for students. Our program Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Administration is highly demanded by hospitals in Central India. Several hospitals have entered in to agreement with IMSR for training and placement. Seats are restricted as per our capacity to offer immediate placement for graduated students.

Entrepreneurship Development Program offered by IMSR is unique where students get training for 300 hours in Phase I of course. During this period students are trained with basic aspects of Entrepreneurship including idea generation, market understanding, market research, business psychology, human resource planning, business dynamics, fund management, etc.

In second Phase of Entrepreneurship, during 250 hours students are trained with novel business concepts which can be started with minimum investment and have high market potential. After getting hands on training on these new business concepts students are asked to select any one of the idea to start-up their business. Students are then provided with technical guidance on business start-up, operational know-how, legal aspects and fund generation.

Once students have started production activities, their products and brands get market link through our umbrella brand ‘Lifon’ which is created for helping products of budding entrepreneurs. Eligibility for Entrepreneurship program is open to person of any age, education, caste, religion or sex.

With these efforts, we at IMSR are aimed to become one of the best educational institutions to offer market driven, quality education programs to make our students competent and confident so that they can be recognised as global asset.

Dr Ajay G. Pise

Hon. Director, IMSR Nagpur

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